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Top Porn Adds Interactive And Impartial User Submitted Reviews

Top Porn Adds Interactive And Impartial User Submitted ReviewsTopPorn.com has quickly rocketed to the top tier of adult review sites by providing real reviews of more than 700 paysites and presenting porn consumers with a simple stylish interface that lets them preview all the sites they are considering purchasing before they sign up. Now, as a new method of increasing reader retention and demonstrating the impartiality of all the reviews and scores being published, Top Porn is also allowing site visitors to submit their own reviews and scores for each of the top porn sites listed.

"This feature is being added as a result of direct feedback from our bookmarkers and the review site community" said Sam of TopPorn.com "We have gotten many requests from our readers asking if they can submit their own reviews, and some have even started emailing us detailed reviews of their experiences with a variety of adult sites. We believe this kind of direct consumer feedback is very valuable for adult site owners and other porn buyers alike."

The system does include a cursory review of each review after it is submitted and prior to it being published live on the site. As Sam explained "Unfortunately we also do get our fair share of spammers, bots, unethical site owners attempting to comment on their own products and frankly unhelpful posts by semi-anonymous contributors. So, we do evaluate the authenticity and usefulness of submitted reviews prior to publishing them on our site, but we do not exercise any editorial control over the content, good or bad, or individual reviews that are well-written and honestly intended."

Porn customers are encouraged to visit TopPorn.com to make sure their voices are being heard by the executives who produce and publish their favorite online entertainment each week. Industry insiders are also well-advised to visit the site and see what is being said about their sites by the people who matter most - the actual consumers who purchase their products or choose to look somewhere else when finding the best outlets for their fantasy sessions.

EuroMedia Releases Taboo and Sexy Fuck

EuroMedia Releases Taboo and Sexy FuckEuroMedia distribution has released two of DominicFord's films, entitled "Sexy Fuck" and BelAmi's "Taboo."

Ford is a 3D porn developer, who released "Sexy Fuck" as a follow-up to "Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls," which received mainstream attention.

"Taboo" features the BelAmi Twins having condomless sex. EuroMedia is the exclusive North American distributor of this adult movie, which nearly sold out of its entire order in pre-orders alone. For sales, call Harley at (888) 625-5788 or visit XBIZ.com.

TranslationsXXX Widens New Frontier Media Audience

TranslationsXXX Widens New Frontier Media AudienceIn a recent case study testimonial posted on the TranslationsXXX website, industry powerhouse New Frontier Media provided a strong recommendation of the service and commitment that TranslationsXXX.com demonstrates as part of each new website translation endeavor.

New Frontier Media is a leading provider of transactional television services and a distributor of motion picture entertainment, including provision of adult-themed pay-per-view content for cable and satellite operators across the United States. The Company owns thousands of hours of digital content and partners with movie studios to bring together the most exciting variety of transactional adult entertainment available today.

New Frontier Media's Film Production segment produces original motion pictures that are distributed in the U.S. on premium movie channels, such as Cinemax and Showtime, and internationally on similar services. The Film Production segment also develops and produces exciting original event programming that is widely distributed on satellite and cable pay-per-view networks. Recently, New Frontier Media was merged into the holdings of L.F.P., Inc., which is headed up by iconic adult entertainment patriarch, Larry Flynt.

In 2011, TranslationsXXX began working on several significant projects aimed at bringing New Frontier Media content to an even wider audience, by leveraging the use of expert language translation and cultural marketing consultation services.

"I have been working directly with TranslationsXXX for about a year, and our company has been doing business with them for over two years," said Justin Himes, New Frontier Media." They have proven to be a valuable resource when we seek out new business. Quite often, our potential clients request specific dialects or terminology, and TranslationsXXX has sourced individuals who can accommodate our requests. Their projects are always returned quickly, and their linguists adhere to any guidelines we put in place."

With a long history of producing XXX content for clients from all over the globe, New Frontier Media understands the importance of keeping things local. Recent statistics have shown that visitors are far more likely to become customers when the content and marketable materials are adapted to their own language of choice, rather than by requiring the audience to adapt itself to the content.

Site owners seeking high quality language translation services are encouraged to contact Translations XXX for more information about the hundreds of languages they cover and the ways their services can improve your return on investment with a much wider audience.
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