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Sever the Tether

Sever the TetherThe recent article from XBIZ regarding the increasing use of mobile connectivity to conduct adult business raises many interesting points. Most notably, if so many adult industry executives are now doing business while away from their keyboards, why do so many continue to believe their own customers intend to be shackled to their desks when viewing porn videos?

Vlad of TooMuchMedia, Aimee Sweet of ColdHardCash, HoneLynn of Fubar, Jay, the owner of Object Cube and Gerard Helton of Webair all contributed interesting points of view to bring the evolution of communcation within the adult industry more clearly into focus.

For anyone looking to learn more, simply click the picture or title of this adult news article and read the full details directly from XBIZ online.

VideosZ.com Version 4.0 Thrills Fans With State Of The Art Upgrades

VideosZ.com Version 4.0 Thrills Fans With State Of The Art UpgradesFor several years VideosZ.com has remained at the top of the massive all-inclusive porn DVD site niche with a staggering number of top quality titles from the best XXX studios. With an interface that makes browsing more than 65,000 full length scenes as easy as a just a few clicks, members were already able to enjoy their favorite adult films in a proprietary video player that puts them in complete control of the action. Now, thanks to an entirely new site design, VideosZ version 4.0 takes adult entertainment to a whole new level by giving fans an even more personal way to enjoy the best porn at an amazing pace.

For starters, VideosZ is committed to upgrading their archives to the highest video resolution possible, and is already providing more than 2,000 scenes in full HD with many more new releases on the way and collectors favorites being digitally remastered to please even the most quality-conscious audience members. The site has also improved the technology used in the proprietary player to better handle alternative browsers, support new video formats and allow for custom user settings that match the display to the capabilities of each viewer individually.

"One of the main challenges of maintaining and improving VideosZ is the sheer size of the collection and speed of updates we provide" said Clement of VideosZ.com "There may not be another site anywhere online that has a catalog as large as ours or that adds five full DVDs of content every day, seven days each week, for fans to enjoy. That requires a very powerful auto-complete search system, a variety of ways for our members to find what they are seeking and unique features like 'watch it later' which enable the ability of our audience to sift through our entire collection to find the specific scenes, models and activities they enjoy the most. Version 4.0 does that better than any other interface we have created and the feedback from fans is very appreciative."

Along with the technological improvements and format upgrades, VideosZ.com now also gives fans access to the complete VideosZ Network of sites and includes several improvements specifically designed to make sure that the site stays ahead of any 'copycat' sites or free tubes.

"Fans can find a lot of free porn videos online, if they want to spend their time using search engines to find an occasional video while manually filtering out all kinds of undesirable destinations" said Andrew of VideosZ.com. "We find that many consumers would rather pay a reasonable price to avoid the inconveniences of so-called free porn, and instead focus their fantasy time on watching exactly the kind of content they crave right from the start. VideosZ.com provides a user experience beyond anything a customer can find for free, and version 4.0 takes that fact a few steps even further."

Always seeking new partners, B2B deals and quality affiliates, webmasters interested in working with one of the largest most forward thinking adult sites are encouraged to contact andrew@videosz.com to make arrangements, while fans continue to feast their eyes on the glory of the newest VideosZ evolution!

Jurors In Stagliano Case View Evil Angel Video

Jurors In Stagliano Case View Evil Angel VideoOn the first day of the John Stagliano obscenity trial jurors viewed one of the videos in the case called "Milk Nymphos". Headsets were given to each juror, the attorneys and two members of the media.

As the 50-minute scene played a few jurors turned their heads away while some looked bored. Others just appeared as if they wanted the video to end. The jury was also able to view the front and back cover of the adult dvd. It has not yet been decided whether the other dvd will be viewed.

For more information about the Stagliano case visit adult news portal XBIZ.com.

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