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Hefner Considers Taking Playboy Private

Hefner Considers Taking Playboy PrivatePlayboy Enterprises' Hugh Hefner is opening up to the idea of taking the adult company private.

Hefner proposed to purchase all of the Class A and Class B Playboy stock he doesn't currently own at $5.50 each. He has no plans to sell the company but insisted he is concerned about Playboy's magazine direction, the brand and preserving the company's legacy. Hefner is confident he will secure the financing he needs for a successful acquisition.

The company is valued at approximately $185 million. For further information visit adult news portal

New Movie Biopic For Linda Lovelace

New Movie Biopic For Linda LovelaceLegendary star of Deep Throat, the late Linda Lovelace is once again coming under the spotlight for a new biopic of her real life story.

As reported by, independent movie directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman are on board to direct "Lovelace".

Lovelace rose to fame in the 1972 adult classic "Deep Throat", but years later became an anti-porn activist under the name Linda Marchiano. Drawing from Linda's biography: "The Complete Linda Lovelace", production of the new movie is set to begin later this year and will chronicle Lovelace's life through to her death in 2002 from injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

Flynt Lawyers tell Nephews: Give Back Websites

Flynt Lawyers tell Nephews: Give Back WebsitesA permanent injunction, awarded by a Federal jury last December, should be the end of the Flynt v Flynt drama but it isn't.

Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler and owner of LFP Inc. has been embroiled in a battle over name infringement with two nephews that want to launch a company named Flynt Media Corp.. Mr. Flynt's legal team told the judge that they should not be ordered to act as the nephew's "compliance officer" and wants the court to demand the two turn over approximately 50 websites to Mr. Flynt's company.

Lawyers for nephews, Jimmy and Dustin, argue the terms of the injunction are too broad and unjustified and want the order amended. They claim the nephew's company, Flynt Media Corp. should not have to transfer all domains containing the name "Flynt" that aren't affixed with the first names of the nephews. They state they should be able to keep domains such as and as the case was never centered on cybersquatting and “can be used for websites that have nothing to do with adult entertainment and therefore clearly fall out of the scope of the issues in this case.”

Attorneys for Mr. Flynt say the "Flynt-only" names infringe upon or could be confused with Larry Flynt and his interests.

Mr. Flynt's legal team believe the nephews are looking for legal loopholes in the jury award and that Mr. Flynt "simply seek(s) to foreclose such potential gamesmanship and to enjoy their well-earned peace in the matter.”

“Plaintiffs seek finality to this proceeding,” says Larry Flynt attorney Johnathan Brown. “It is neither the intent nor desire of plaintiffs to act as the compliance officer for defendants.”

Lawyer Brown points out, “Nothing in the permanent injunction prohibits defendants from using domain names such as or or or any other, almost infinite number of, permutations of the same.”

The two sides of this family business battle will re-appear before Judge Howard Matz on February 8 at the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.
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